Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Playa's Playground

Spring is almost here. Flowers are in bloom, birds are chirping, vagrants are lounging around lazily outside your local 7-11 mini mart taking in the essence of renewal and copious amounts of cheap alcohol. What does spring mean for you? Well for me, it means spring fashion of course! It was under this premise that Toast and I set off to find what is in this spring.

Trends come and go (as do Toast's underpants while in public) we felt a little out of the loop; so to speak. I think though that the foundation of spring fashion always stays the same: Pastels, bright playful patterns, and fun. What Toast and I wanted to do was make spring our own; our bitch, if you will. To make spring your bitch you have to be EDGY and HOT. What are all the edgy hot kids doing these days? Listening to hard core gangta rap, duh. So Toast and I decided to mix our spring inspired looks with some urban street flair.

What people may not know about me is I'm very tough and street wise. Despite my fluffy marshmallow like exterior, inside me beats the heart of a thug (riddled with bullet holes for all the hos that done went and broke my heart). In fact, for those of you that didn't already know, Crystyle is my rap name. See, watch me kick out some fresh rhymes yo: My rhymes are pretty like amethyst and when I grow up I want to be a ventriloquist. I got a TIMEX watch up on my wrist and in the sun it makes my arm glow like an iron fist.

See what I just did right there? Mmm hmmm.

Anyhoo, back on track. Toast and I got part of our outfits at this really dope place called "CANDY". There was a lot of kiddiez kickin it old school up in thurr. We wuz lyke, "Whut choo babiez suggest we cool rap stars get?". It is my understanding that these kids rap stylings were far superior to our own because one kept asking Toast "Wanna be my daddy?" which we were pretty sure is some sort of super fresh slang for illegal street drugs or something.

There were a lot of options for spring-ish clothing at this store; however, Toast and I were confused that all the advertisements were on avatars that looked very young. But we figured this was a marketing tool to bring in the super cool crowd like the one that was lingering by the entrance. If Lil' Kim can wear children's clothing why can't we? Toast Bard even has a nicer boob job then Lil' Kim and so in that moment our fate was sealed. We was lookin' tight.

Toast and I took our new look to the streets of Compton (see pictures). The locals approved. Hellz yah.

Crysizzle is wearing:

Hat: Yron Dryke-NY Cap
Pacifier: Paige's Fashion-Miacle Binky
Cigar: Mickie Ambassa-Fatty Cigar
Chains: Yron Dryke-Gold Spinner
Sash: Boogadey Kuu- Playa Royal Belt Silver
Booze: Mickie Ambassa-Colt45 40
Bag: Custom by Decollage: Crystyle is my Rap Name.
Dress: :Candy:-Cotton Candy
Boots: Katie Ireton (Yanismaxence Xeno)-Haut de Botte Katie
Tattoos: Aitui-Mr.Midnight
Skin: Fashionably Dead-Shiner

A Dream of Spring
Toast Bards thoughts on stuff spring related.
By Toast Bard

The scent of possibility drifts through the air like a Tokyo Drifter on the unforgiving streets of Tokyo. And just like Tokyo Drifters, Crystyle and I strive to achieve honor, excellence, and other things like that. So, it's really no wonder why we desire the illest fashions like you neva seen. Spring is a time for growth and new life so what better time to ascend to new heights (fashionically)?. The only problem was we didn't know where to start. Since most of my friends and family were off on cruises we decided to call Crystal's younger cousin LeCourtney. If there's one person that knows fresh it's Crystyle's younger cousin LeCourtney:

LeCourtney opened our eyes to the underground scene called "Babyfacin'". It's been described as "the softer side of thug". The often untalked about phenomenon is centered around Crickin'. A form of dance that incorporates everything from getting Crunk to gettin' Crib-easy. I decided to build my outfit the same way you build a Crickin' dance routine: I one part camouflage, a dash of rebellion and pinch of platinum dolphin bling. Plus I found this really cool backpack and it's super handy for carrying around my fashion sketches (as show below) and some soda.

Toast Bard doesn't remember what she's wearing because she was supposed to post this like, a month ago.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jungle Dreams: An Introduction

Toast Bard: The Real Deal
I've always shied away from SL fashion blogs because I'm illiterate. Oh, how I've longed to blog SL fashion! Always too afraid of my own illiteracy to share my passion for horns, ancient Egyptian wear and Paleo art with other souls cut from the same soul shard. That is, UNTIL the day I met Crystyle Bukowski. A stunning Italian Stallion with flair for fashion and a soft spot in her heart with my name on it (and also a flair for pee fetishes). The rest, my friends, is history. Simple, irreversible history. Now that thats out of the way...

My inspiration for todays outfit is the history of men who think they are lions. I bought the lion skin demo so I simply had to dress the way a lion would... if it were a person playing a video game. Lions are so wild and proud. Torn free from my chains (that you can swing around over your head, by the by)I roam the jungle in search of a mate.

Toast Bard is wearing:

Skin: AD_Sport_Lion_Skin_Demo by arzach Mills
Sweet tatt: snake man back flo by PRIMAL ART
Hat: COURONNE BASSE EGYTPTE out of the TENUE NEFERTITI set by rach Starostin
Horns: Damnation Horns - Darkness from Material Squirrel
Glasses: BB "X-Ray" (white gold) by the Bunker Boutique
Teeth: bumteeth by Tooter Claxton
Right arm band: BRACELET NEFERTITI out of the TENUE NEFERTITI set by rach Starostin
Necklace: EYE OF HORUS GOLD XL by Lyndon Boucher
Bug arm thing: Brassard Araignee Or
Chains: Chain Whip (Matriarch) by Lillani Lowell
Tied belt clothes and stuff: ::: B@R ::: Southern Eagle Clothes (Pelvis) by Bare Rose
Pants: ::MIA:: Rodeo Clown (Overalls lower) by Ayla Holt
Shoes: Blaze high heel boots by Cosmic Connections

A Special Note From Crystyle Bukowski:
This fashion blog has been a labor of love. After months of intensive reading lessons I've finally taught Toast Bard enough words for her to function on a rudimentary level. We started with flash cards and moved on to kisses as reward for words learned. Toast Bard responds very well to flash cards and kissies.

It is not to say that Toast Bard is not intelligent; in fact, it is quite the opposite. I'm not sure if any of you have seen the movie Rain Main...but think of it as I am the Tom Cruise to Toast Bard's Dustin Hoffman (she also only buys her underpants at K-Mart).

Frankly despite her crippling illiteracy Toast realized that the fashion world was lacking many qualities she desired. She asked me to join her in her mission to fight the agonizing repetition (yes, I do realize that rhymed) that happens among some fashion blogs and blog the lesser known but no less worth while fashions of this beautiful virtual world we all live in.

Of course I could not pass up the chance to help Toast Bard in her genius objective (I am legally obligated to as I've been contracted as her primary caregiver for years. I'll have you know that she has recently moved from the bed pan to the bed-side potty and I'm ever so proud).

There are things in this virtual world that are so awe inspiring and equally underrated. We intend to change that. We shall, like a clap of thunder, rain down on this fashion parade and bring forth the under-appreciated virtual fashion like two fashionista dynamos.

Now, on to the important stuff. Toast and I based the inspiration for our outfits on a jungle theme. By the time our looks were tastefully pulled together, we felt as wild and free as lionesses roaming the jungle for their prey (and by prey I mean hot muscular furries with oversized duffel bags, the kind you could pack a weeks worth of clothing in for an extended trip to the land of Hummina).

I want to add that my favorite part of this photo shoot was when Toast fed me apples. I stomped three times for "I love you" and twice for "More apples please". This pony has a lot of tricks. This pony turns a lot of tricks.

Crystyle is wearing:
Face: Illusions-Horse Mask (Black)
Head: Illusions-Unicorn Horn (Sterling)
Glasses: Thimbles-Hustler Sunglasses
Jacket: Amazing custom job (not for sale)
Pants: Thimbles-Workin it in Jersey (Underpants layer).
Skin: AD-Sport_Lion_Skin_Demo (we would have purchased the full skin; however, we had spent all of our money buying Muzzy foreign language videos)
Shoes: Asrrael Centaur-asr_boto campero rojo
Stockings: Freebie leopard print stockings from somewhere magical.